Most food plants have established pest control programs that meet the criteria for inspectors and auditors.  These programs do a fine job for controlling everyday pests and rodents.  But when it comes to stored-product pests these types of programs are useless.  That is because control of these pests is deeply connected to your sanitation.  With […] Read more... Not all of our services happen indoors.  Whether it is as simple as policing the grounds or cleaning your rail or shipping docks, Sentry has something for you.  Many companies ignore the insides of their dock levelers, or need exterior walls and tall structures washed.  Everything is fair game for our aggressive and thorough cleaning […] Read more... Production equipment gets dirty.  Sentry has developed programs for bio-foaming organic filth all the way to scrubbing everyday dirt.  From the most advanced electronic bottling lines to older stamping equipment, Sentry can help you keep your equipment clean. Read more... Specific sanitation issues and general cleanliness can both be concerns when it comes to being inspected by an auditor, regulatory agency or customer.  Sentry’s dynamic teams can be valuable assets to produce higher audit scores or to protect valuable contracts. Read more... The high ceilings of warehouses and manufacturing plants can provide havens for spiders that our beyond the reach of in-house sanitation programs and pest control programs.  Sentry can de-web entire facilities, usually in a matter of days, to produce the visible results that can totally enhance your cleanliness efforts and make your products safer. Read more... With comprehensive training in both lift operation and safety, our certified lift operators can reach any problem in your facility.  Pipes, ceiling trusses, and walls are within the scope of potential solutions for Sentry’s teams. Read more...

Sentry Services, founded in 1998, is a specialty sanitation services company, providing a broad array of sanitation consulting and remediation services for the food production industry.  From our home base in Louisville, KY, we are able to address virtually any cleanliness concern confronting large or small clients throughout the Midwest.

Your production environment can present a complex maze of sanitation issues, concerns and liabilities that cannot be addressed by in-house programs and staff.  Let Sentry’s certified Food Plant Sanitarians assess your problems, and apply our “educated elbow grease” to take your sanitation programs to the next level.  Our teams, complete with certified lift operators, can mitigate problems from ceiling to floor.

We approach all new clients as if they are going to be clients for life.  Almost without exception, that is exactly what happens.